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All companies track positions and associated costs relative to their budgets. But HR systems are not designed to support these important aspects of the HR and Finance teams. Most HR software is employee-based, meaning that each time an employee comes onboard, their position details need to be coded. We’re not like most HR software. With Position Control, your organization can budget by position, not just by employee. This system is designed to serve as an inventory of human resource requirements for your organization, describing
each position – current, planned, filled and vacant. The Position Control System describes all positions within an organization, providing position profiles and regular staffing reports. These reports enable managers to evaluate staffing needs over time, while final checks ensure that positions are open prior to being filled. Actual hours worked are tracked after each payroll to allow for an ongoing compar-ison of budget to actual incumbent costs. Our Solution is Integrated with VENDOR’s Platforms.


Budget Planning & Monitoring

Project preliminary budget figures, balance workloads, and model program budgets.

Regular Staffing Reports

The software provides full detailed reports of all positions within an organization.

Efficient & Compliant

Eliminates mistakes and funding claw backs forever with effective, compliant budgeting.

Flexible by Design

Employees can be fully or partially assigned to a single position, as well as partially assigned to multiple positions.


Non-Profits can better manage their budgets, compliance, and complex reporting needs.


Steps and grades tracking to address union requirements, plus prevailing wage and fringe benefits.

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ResNav Solutions lnc is the company that allows other companies to think out of the box when it comes to systems. We create automated ways to share information across platforms with preciseness and most of all with accuracy.

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At ResNav, we set high expectations for the client experience, and we go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our clients by providing concierge-level service.

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Whether you’re a start-up or you have thousands of employees, we can grow with you and adapt our services to fit your needs.

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