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What will happen when you receive a request from an employee, a manager or a government agency and your legacy payroll\Human Resource history is not available in consolidated reports? When companies move from vendor to another vendor, important historical information is not always moved to the new solution. Clients are left to maintain historical data on spreadsheets or in unwieldy PDF files. It is Crucial that you extract your data out of the legacy system usually within 30-60 days of termination before you are locked out permanently. In addition, reports cannot be consolidated and data integrity is questioned.
With “History Link” From Resnav Solutions, you will have the ability to move your important Check Detail, Employment and Talent History to a secure web-based system that can be integrated with your new vendor’s platform. Using API’s, our clients can enjoy joint reporting on their important Check Detail, Employment and Talent History data in History Link.
Keeping access to your historical data will be a breeze with our solution. Don’t lose access to your past when you’re making decisions for the future!

Don’t miss out and be locked out!

Employment Profile History Elements include:

  • Pay Rate (or Salary) History – Changes to Rates, Rate Change Reasons, Rate Types, Pay Frequencies, StandardHours
  • Position (or Job Profile) History – Changes to Job Title (with Job Change Reason), Department, Business Unit,Location (With Corp Group Change Reason), Assigned Shift, FTE, Pay Grade, Job Class, Salary Structure,Allocation, Union, FLSA, Workers Comp, Scheduled Hours, Hours Period, EEO Job Class, Cost Number,Management Position, Reports to Position ID (Manager), Workers Category
  • Employee Status History – Changes to Employee Status, including Termination, Rehire, LOA, and LOA Returns
  • Check Detail – for Practitioners and Employees is desired

Talent Profile Elements include: Licenses/Certifications, Skills, Education, Training, Awards, Memberships, Previous Employers plus other items that are not listed can be moved.

Important Employment and Talent History elements will be extracted from prior Human Resource & payroll system

Employment and Talent History elements will be formatted to History Link to make it easier to report

Legacy Employment and Talent History elements will be mapped to new payroll provider codes

Practitioners will have Report Writing functionality

Check Detail - Check Stub Viewing

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