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All companies over 50 employees are required to comply with the Patient Protection and Afford-able Care Act (PPACA) and for VENDOR to generate the annual 1094c and 1095c reporting, ACA hours from the prior payroll vendor is required. While ex-tracting ACA hours, most clients decide to convert prior check history to their new VENDOR solution. We Convert your former payroll provider’s payroll reg-isters into VENDOR format. Conversion of prior check history to a central point within the VENDOR Workforce Now system provides companies with the ease of
check detail history dating prior to the conversion with VENDOR. Once data is imported, it provides ability to easily retrieve historical employee check detail, including hours, earnings, deductions and net pay. Payroll administrators can quickly respond to em-ployee requests, audit requests, and run reports needed for Workers Compensation insurance ob-ligations. VENDOR will generate a Statement of Work (SOW) and the ResNav team will work directly with the company to extract the data and assist in up-loading it to the new VENDOR company code.


Compliance with PPACA

Check history files will be formatted specifically for VENDOR

1094-C and 1095-C Reporting

VENDORAll legacy check history will be mapped to VENDOR company codes

Check history will be extracted from prior payroll system

Check history will be imported into ADP

Check history will be audited and balanced by check

Practitioners will be able to report on check history

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